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Training And Development Essay

Training And Development Essay

BENCHMARK: Training and Development

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Training And Development Essay
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Training and development prompts change within an organization. The goal of training is to identify areas for improvement and to develop growth opportunities that support the employees in their professional career. Training And Development Essay


For this assignment, you are required to develop a small training exercise in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Review previous needs assessments and training observations conducted at your workplace to help identify one area for improvement that would benefit your organization. This training exercise does not need to be implemented but should include at least one deliverable that you could use during the training exercise. As you are reviewing your organization, consider employee engagement, systems and procedures, communication, resources, succession planning, and the culture within the organization. These are suggestions for possible areas that could benefit from a training exercise.

Create an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation of your training exercise, with speaker notes (that are not the same text as the slide), in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelinesand include the following:

  • What are the overall goals for the training or the benefit to the selected organization?


  • What are two specific objectives for the training exercise?


  • What processes or procedures will change after the training has been completed?


  • Describe the strategies or actions involved in the training exercise to meet the established goals and objectives. What is the expected employee performance or application after the training? How will the strategies drive successful business results and improve employee performance?


  • How will the organization provide support to the current employees receiving this training? To new employees? How will the effectiveness of the training exercise be measured to confirm the anticipated improvement of employee performance?

Current edition APA style format, also this assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment for a similarity report.




Goal for the Training 

7.5 points

expand Objectives for the Training assessment

Objectives for the Training

7.5 points

expand Processes and Procedures Implemented After Training assessment Training And Development Essay

Processes and Procedures Implemented After Training

15 points

expand Strategies in the Training to Meet Goals and Drive Successful Business Results (B) assessment

Strategies in the Training to Meet Goals and Drive Successful Business Results (B)

15 points

expand Support and Training Effectiveness assessment

Support and Training Effectiveness

15 points

expand Presentation of Content assessment

Presentation of Content

45 points

expand Layout assessment


15 points

expand Language Use and Audience Awareness assessment

Language Use and Audience Awareness

15 points

expand Mechanics of Writing (includes spelling, punctuation, grammar, language use) assessment

Mechanics of Writing (includes spelling, punctuation, grammar, language use)

7.5 points

expand Documentation of Sources assessment

Documentation of Sources






Needs Assessment Matrix

Definition: A needs assessment is the process organizations use to determine if training is necessary for its employees.

Note: This template serves as a guide to complete the needs assessment of your current or selected organization. You are allowed to manipulate the categories to obtain the information you require in order to complete the assignment. Training And Development Essay

Department Required Functions Department or Employee Needs Jobs or Tasks Current Trainings
Human Resource Department ·         Allocation of resources

·         Recruitment and training

·         Monitoring of tasks

2 The HR department is responsible for keeping the employee-employer relations. The recruiting and training are the important functions of HR department. It is observed that the monitoring of tasks is also included in the job description. Required
Finance Department ·         Cash management

·         Expenses management

·         Inventory management

1 The finance department ensures the proper cash flow, balance of purchases and input and output. Not required
Administration Office Department ·         Coordination among the activities

·         Supervise the staff

·         Manage the phone calls and messages

0 There are different activities and operations required in the job. The administrators are required to manage the operations. Not required
Public Relation Office ·         Planning strategies

·         Writing and managing presentations

·         Press releases




0 The public relations officers are to maintain the relation with the customers. The customers are the strength of an organization and it is important to maintain the operations as well.




Not required
Marketing Department ·         Promotion

·         Advertisements

·         Internal and external communication

1 There are various marketing operations needed for the job. The employees are required to promote the activities and do the advertisement. Required








Job Description

The jobs are various, and it is found that there are different departments in an organization. As per the matrix assessment index, it is found that there are some vacancies in the organization and the HR department is the most important department. There are different responsibilities and functions of the HR department. The most important duty is to connect the employees and the managers. The employees are the strength of an organization, and they need to communicate and have a strong relationship with the higher authorities. Human resource management is the most versatile and significant among all others.

The job description further refers that the HR manager has to assign the duties and track the employees’ success. All the employees have the various duties and responsibilities assigned by the HR manager. Role recognition is an essential duty because it is found that the employees are often confused that they cannot fulfill the roles until they are trained and informed of the duties(Morzaria, 2019). HR has the responsibility to help the employees in role recognition. Once the roles are identified, it becomes easy to work accordingly.

Last but not least is the resource allocation in the organization. The resource allocation means that the input and outputs are completely balanced. The purchases and the sales of an organization need to be managed because it is seen that the HR manager has to decide about the assignments and contracts. There are different contracts in the organization, and the manager has to manage them at the national and international levels. Some various roles and responsibilities should be efficiently managed, and the performance of all the employees should be measured accordingly(Morzaria, 2019). The monitoring of the performance is an important measure necessary for the HR manager. The job description is needed for HR manager, and it is seen that this job suits me a lot.
























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