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utilise reflection, to assist your learning and development as a nurse.

In this section of the portfolio you are asked to utilise reflection, to assist your learning and development as a nurse. You have set a short term goal for the semester, outlined strategies to achieve that goal, and you have been asked to select three artefacts. 
Use the headings supplied below to direct your reflection. Reference appropriately where required. DO NOT use dot points when addressing each of the headings below, but sentences under the headings. 
Take note: 
A nurse contributes to quality health care through life-long learning (Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act 2009); 
Learning starts with setting goals and planning for their achievement; 
Reflection is an important process that can assist the nurse in understanding about events, how to analyse the event, and then move on in terms of learning; 
For the reflection, this part of Assignment One, note that you have set your goals and strategies in the first part of your Assignment at the beginning of term. Now you need to engage in reflection in order to determine what was learnt from the process of attempting to achieve your goal. 
The framework below is designed to bring the Assignment to a conclusion as you reflect on what has been learnt. 
Submitting the Reflective Paper – Use these Headings to structure your Reflection. 
1. Introduction to the experience 
Using the trigger questions directly below, briefly describe your short term goal. This is to remind the tutors of what your goal is – 
• What was the context? 
• Who was involved? 
• What was the aim of your goal? 
• When did you plan to achieve this goal? 
2. Critical Analysis of the experience 
• What worked well? 
• Did your strategies go to plan? 
• What skills were used or abilities developed? 
• Were there consequences to yourself or others? 
• What I would do again? 
• What I would or could do differently next time? 
3. New Insights 
Now think about the process or experience of working toward fulfilling the goal. 
• As a result of the experience what abilities or skills were developed? Consider the application of the Faculty of Health Graduate Attributes? 
Choose one of the FoH Graduate Attributes which you feel has been developed the most and discuss how this attribute will assist you in developing some behaviours required for the ANMAC Competencies. 
4. Identification of Learning 
This section addresses the implications for your nursing practice. 
• Briefly explain what was learnt as a result of your attempts to achieve your goal. What will be used to improve your nursing practice You may find the reflective literature online in UTS Online useful here.

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utilise reflection, to assist your learning and development as a nurse.
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