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Comprehensive Plan of Care

Question Description

Patient education: (Example: medication, safety, possible complications associated with the patient).Complete in a narrative format exactly how you would educate the patient.Include at least 7 narrated sentences.

Outcome: Caring:

Identify one example from your clinical day in which you observed, participated in or provided some aspect of caring for the provision of psychosocial and/or cultural diversity needs.

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Comprehensive Plan of Care
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Evidence-based Practice (EBP): Summarize one article published within the last 3 years that you could use to improve the care you provide to this patient. Utilize learning resources available through Rasmussen Online library. Include APA citation in reference list.

Question Description

Please see attached copy of the work.

In this third and final submission lanofp your Course Project, you will  be completing a comprehensive care plan. This written assignment should  include the following:

Comprehensive Plan of Care 
  Develop a comprehensive plan of care/treatment with short and long  term goals and include safety needs, special considerations regarding  personal needs, cultural/spiritual implications, and needed health  restoration, maintenance, and promotion.

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

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