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Indicate the client’s locus of control and health motivation.

· Indicate the client’s locus of control and health motivation. Utilize terminology outlined in your reading.
My client seems to have a strong, internal locus of control. She has a will to live that even her doctors did not predict. She fought the odds and came back from the brink of death because she believed that she could. In her mind, she was in control of her body and certainly her mind to overcome her illness and fight off the disease that overtook her.

· Identify any additional stressors your client is experiencing that may exacerbate her or his pain experience.

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Indicate the client’s locus of control and health motivation.
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Additional stressors include her inability to get a job in the field that she wanted. She applied for a flight attendant position but, because of the surgery to her leg, was denied the position. She was given a desk job instead. This is a major disappointment to her.

· Based on the reading, identify at least one pain management technique you believe would best reduce the pain experience in this situation.
I believe that she will greatly benefit from mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) as a pain management technique to reduce the pain she is experiencing. She has a very positive outlook on her future and she is determined to overcome her depression and pain but she is looking for help to manage her pain, with physical and mental or emotional setbacks. MBSR is a form of training for people who experience both mental and physical distress. MBSR programs typically focus on increasing the skill of mindfulness by practices such as meditation and body scan, which is then incorporated in to everyday life to cope

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