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Global Action Plan for Influenza Vaccines (GAP) is “a comprehensive strategy to reduce the

Health departments have overtime identified initiatives to address the problem of influenza, such initiatives include: reducing human exposure to the flu viruses, this initiative works by notifying the public on the safe ways to prevent and control the spread of the virus and it actively works to reduce infection opportunities and curbs the spread of the pandemic virus (Abramson, 2011). They have built able capacities to cope with the pandemic, measures have been taken and put in place to cope with the virus since helping the society to stay free from the virus (Abramson, 2011). They have innovated much on early warning and acknowledgements, information about influenza and its impacts to the society are made clear since it is effective for the society to stay free from influenza virus (Abramson, 2011). Necessary global scientific researches are being carried out and developments to ensure that vaccines and antiviral drugs are available across the globe mostly during the seasons which the virus is spread. The scientific knowledge enables quick and effective identification of the virus at its initial stages (Abramson, 2011). Several measures have been put in place to measure the progress of the issue. They include; The world Health Organization has continuously carried out tests to identify cases of attack by the virus at its early stages that are in one to four days of a n individual’s exposure to the influenza virus (Tam & Sellwood, 2013). Materials enlightening the public about the virus and the most convenient ways to stay free from the attack are being developed and provisional with all measures that can help curb and salvage the situation (Tam & Sellwood, 2013). The status of the issue based on measures outcomes clarifies that the globe is well up and at a good place to overcome the spread of influenza viruses. This has been made possible by continuous scientific researchers which develop antiviral drugs and vaccines which are to stop the spread and impacts of the influenza virus upon the general society (Tam & Sellwood, 2013).
Current Status of Influenza
Global Action Plan for Influenza Vaccines (GAP) is “a comprehensive strategy to reduce the 

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Global Action Plan for Influenza Vaccines (GAP) is “a comprehensive strategy to reduce the
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