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Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice (

Complete this week’s assigned readings, chapters 21 & 22.  After completing the readings, post a short reflection, approximately 1 paragraph in length, discussing your thoughts and opinions about one or several of the specific theories covered in the readings.  

As a reminder, no scholarly sources are required.

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Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice (
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You have to read this chapters 21 & 22 of this book:

-Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice (Parker, Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice)
Authors: Marlaine Smith PhD RN AHN-BC FAAN; Marilyn E. Parker PhD RN FAAN  
Edition: 4 Create a 4-page brochure that provides information about integrative/holistic nursing services that can be provided to healthcare facilities. Select a type of facility for which you would like to design this brochure (Medical-Surgical floor at a busy hospital). Incorporate the modalities you have learned in this course (Healing touch, Acupuncture, aromatherapy, Tai-Chi, homeopathy… ect) Be creative! 
Attached is an example of a brochure to base this off of. 

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