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Locate a primary research report from the University Library that is nursing focused. The study should be current research (within 5-7 years). For this source include the following information:

  • description of search strategy including databases and online resources used and search terms;
  • brief description of the study including research problem, research methodology, andfindings from the study;
  • rationale explaining how article supports clinical practice
  • provide the reference for the study in correct 6th edition APA style and format.
  • Provide an attachment of the article you choose in the discussion thread as a PDF
  • 3 reference need. topic related to nursing focus is hypertension What concerns or fears do you have about mental health nursing in general?
    Describe your personal cultural and spiritual beliefs that may influence how you may “see” and care for people with mental and/or behavioral conditions or disorders.
    Identify any knowledge of skills you believe you need at the onset of this course that will help you be safe and effective in caring for these clients

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