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Problem Based Learning in Clinical Nursing Education.

The article I found is called Problem Based Learning in Clinical Nursing Education. The theory used in this article is Problem Based Learning Strategies, or PBL. PBL is the use of predefined clinical situations or case studies to enhance or stimulate students to acquire specific skills, knowledge, or abilities (Rowles, 2012). The article describes how clinical nursing education is very challenging in Pakistan due to the lack of knowledge, resources, and expertise in building connection between the classroom and clinical practice (Farid, 2012). The study implemented Problem based learning because it has been proven to be an effective approach in developing student skills, such s problem solving and self-directed learning. The nursing program in Pakistan that implemented PBL saw a great increase in the students’ knowledge and clinical skills.

            I think Problem based learning is a great was to learn. I remember using it in nursing school, and I felt that it helped me in clinical. It is one thing to learn how you’re supposed to do something, but PBL helps to bring the learning to real life situations which is key to learning critical thinking skills.

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Problem Based Learning in Clinical Nursing Education.
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            Curriculum is a formal plan that provides goals and guidelines for the delivery of a specific educational program (McEwen & Wills, 2014). Most nursing programs are based on the Tyler Curriculum Development Model. This model identifies the objectives of the program, which learning experiences should be chosen to get to the objectives, and how to organize experiences and evaluate whether they have been met. State boards of nursing set requirements that must be met by nursing programs to maintain accreditation. As health care continues to change, however, nursing programs will also have to change to keep up.

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