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Transcultural Perspectives Across Lifespan 6

Week 5: Transcultural Perspectives Across Lifespan 6767 unread replies.114114 replies. This week’s graded discussion topic relates to the following Course Outcomes (COs). CO2 Communicate effectively with culturally diverse individuals, families, and organizations. (PO 3) CO4 Perform a culturally-competent nursing assessment. (PO 7) Select and read ONE of the chapters of particular interest to you listed in Assignments under Required Readings. Discuss what information you should obtain to develop and implement culturally appropriate care plans for an individual of this group. A brief case study or exemplar may be one way to present your information. For example, how would you provide culturally- appropriate care for an elderly female who is Muslim and presents to the Emergency Department with chest pain? Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Scenario: A 32-year-old army sergeant deployed in an active combat zone returns home for a family visit. His wife becomes alarmed when he begins to experience “flashbacks” and nightmares of the combat zone and becomes unable to function at home. He is subsequently admitted to the Mental Health Unit of a local hospital with a diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Initial Discussion Post: Address the following: ·         What are the most important factors for the RN to assess when dealing with a client who is exhibiting flashbacks from combat? ·         How might the RN foster therapeutic communication with this client? ·         List three common flashback triggers for military personnel and describe how the RN can assist to decrease the effects. ·         Provide two nursing diagnosis statements (each statement must include an actual nursing diagnosis, related factor and as evidenced by) that might apply to military personnel experiencing flashbacks. ·         must contain a minimum of 250 words

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Transcultural Perspectives Across Lifespan 6
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