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 What is organizational culture? After defining organization culture assess your work culture and explain one way you would go about changing your present work culture.   2. Obtain an organizational chart from your health care setting, review it and identify the difference between line and staff positions. (No need to post the actual chart). Each of you are to post a brief description of your organization, the organizational structure and then discuss in the class what title is in the line and staff for nursing only. Then address who are the real leaders in this organization. Week 4: Nursing Roles in Quality Improvement. How do nurses promote patient safety and improve quality at your workplace? How do you report errors and near misses? What changes would you suggest be made on your unit or facility to improve a nonpunitive culture of safety?  Analyze social, historical, ethical, and political contexts of healthcare policies while integrating professional values to impact population health. (PO 4) CO 5: Advocate for institutional, local, national, and international policies that fosters person-centered healthcare and nursing practice. (PO 5) MT at the end of Week 5 Total Points: 75 points Requirements Assignment Criteria for Presentation 1.     Articulate your policy priority message in 3 minutes or less by video. 2.     Video is to be of clear image and audible sound. Preparing the Video Following completion of Planning Your Visit Ungraded Worksheet 2, Use Voice Thread located within Canvas to record and store you video. The video is to be of yourself delivering your priority message. It is to be succinct and to the point (3 minutes or less). The video is to be of good quality. The following content is partner provided

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