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Although every RN in the United States takes the same licensing exam (NCLEX-RN), each state is charged with the licensing of nurses and the creation of law and rules to govern nursing practice in that state. Locate the Nurse Practice Act (or nursing law) for your state, and investigate one of the following issues: delegation by the RN to the unlicensed assistive personnel, use of the term nursing diagnosis, patient abandonment (refusal of an assignment), or requirements for continued licensure (practice, continuing education, or others). Tell us what your state’s law says on this issue and how this impacts your practice.


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(an instructor response)Legal Regulation- Nurse Practice ActNurses,click here for more information on this paperThe earliest Nurse Practice Act was developed in 1903 to protect the citizens and regulate nursing practice and education (Brekken & Evans, 2011). Investigate the Nurse Practice Act for your state and tell us about the directives regarding delegation to unlicensed personnel, the use of nursing diagnosis, patient abandonment, or license renewal requirements.Reference:Brekken, S. A., & Evans, S. (2011). StrategLegal Regulation of Nursing

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