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What is organizational culture? After defining organization culture assess your work culture and explain one way you would go about changing your present work culture.   2. Obtain an organizational chart from your health care setting, review it and identify the difference between line and staff positions. (No need to post the actual chart). Each of you are to post a brief description of your organization, the organizational structure and then discuss in the class what title is in the line and staff for nursing only. Then address who are the real leaders in this organization. Week 4 discussion Understanding Nursing Research, Ch. 6: Understanding and Critically Appraising the Literature Review Please use the following link to launch the content: External Content Launch When Should We Change Our Clinical Practice Based on the Results of a Clinical Study? The Hierarchy of Evidence Read “When Should We Change Our Clinical Practice Based on the Results of a Clinical Study? The Hierarchy of Evidence” from this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. Note: This is the second article in a three-part series that discusses the research process. Each article builds on the one before and correlates to the topics in the course. PICO Linguist Use the PICO Linguist tool to find salient articles for your research topic. Use the PICO resources from Week 1 and the results of your PICO Linguist search to prepare for this week’s assignment. Rules of Evidence Write a 260-word summary in which you explain the following: Why it is important to employ the highest level of available research evidence in clinical decision making Why the evidence at the top of Figure 1-3 in Understanding Nursing Research is better than the information at the bottom Local campus students: Prepare to present and discuss your summary in the next class meeting. Online students: Post your response and respond to at least one classmate’s post.

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