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Questionmodule 1 case study Case Assignment Overview For this first case assignment, 1) Read the following scientific paper: Cordain L, et al. 2002. Acne vulgaris: A disease of western civilization. Archives of Dermatology. 2002;138:1584-1590. You can find it online as a free access article in Archives of Dermatology. 2) Use the paper by Cordain et al. (2002), the additional sources on your bookshelf, and your required reading to research aspects this disorder and write a 2-3 page paper that includes a discussion of the following: What is the normal anatomy and physiology of the skin. What are the functions, layers, skin appendages, and cells found in the skin? How is the normal anatomy and physiology of the skin altered in the diseased state, Ance vulgaris? What are symptoms associated with the selected disorder? How does the prevalence of this disorder in the US differ from its prevalence in the non-western population studied in Cordain et al (2002)? What factors do the authors attribute to this difference? Atlas of Human Anatomy An additional excellent online resource is: Atlas of Human Anatomy Paper Expectations for this Course! The biggest reason papers are rejected or receive a failing grade is plagiarism! Please be sure that you are taking notes from your sources, and compiling and synthesizing these notes into YOUR OWN WORDS! Papers containing copied text will be rejected and failed! I want everyone to succeed in this course and am going to provide you with step-by-step instructions to help you achieve the highest possible grade on your paper. One of the major issues that I have come across is receiving papers from students that don’t meet the criteria for full points to be awarded. The major reason for this is failure to adequately address all of the stated objectives to the appropriate degree of a given assignment. A great way to overcome this problem is to begin your paper by examining the “weight” of each part of your paper. In each assignment, look to see how points are distributed AND what areas must be covered in your paper. I require the use of headings and sub-headings for your paper to organize the content.This helps to determine if all the criteria have been addressed and demonstrates the flow and organization of the content. For example: Let us assume that you are given instructions to write a 2 page paper. Imagine that there are 4 areas (or objectives or instructions), each worth 25% of your papers overall grade. You should make certain that your paper covers each topic equally. Here is an example: Cover Page (cover pages are required for ALL written academic work) Introduction Objective/instruction 1 (1/2 page) Objective/instruction 2 (1/2 page) Objective/instruction 3 (1/2 page) Objective/instruction 4 (1/2 page) Conclusion References module 1 SLP Overview The purpose of this assignment is to help you organize the information that you have learned and to enable you to articulate it in a logical, organized and succinct manner. Some degree of repetition will be involved in this assignment, but this is truly the way concepts of anatomy and physiology are committed to memory. In this first SLP, you will prepare a presentation on histology, the study of the microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues. You must make at least 15 slides that provide your audience with information on the histology of two tissues, epithelium and connective tissue. Your slides should include the following sections: Discuss the importance of a cell and why it is considered the basic functional unit of life Define the function, general structure, and give examples of epithelial tissue: simple vs. stratified; squamous, cuboidal, columnar, and pseudostratified columnar Define the function, general structure, and give examples of connective tissue: CT proper

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