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How would you set up the PICOT question (use all of the elements P-I-C-O-T)?

You have noticed a nursing dilemma on your medical – surgical nursing unit. There is a piece of equipment that everyone has been trained to use. It is used to digitally weigh the patient in pounds and kilograms. It was determined that the patients weight would be recorded in pounds only by the nursing assistants as it was easier for them to understand. Recently, you have started taking dialysis patients whose weight must be recorded in Kilograms. The nursing assistants are told to weigh dialysis patient in both pounds and kilograms, record it and report it to the nurse. When you manually calculate the weight from pounds to kilograms, you notice that there seems to be a discrepancy as the weigh in pounds does not equal the weight in kilograms when manually calculated. This is happening with all of the dialysis patients. This has become a concern as the scale has been checked several times; it is weighing correctly. You speak to the nursing director and are given permission to determine the source of the problem. How would you set up the PICOT question (use all of the elements P-I-C-O-T)? How you would set up the study to answer this question? ake a position as to whether or not nursing homes should have the authority to restrain a resident. Next, determine who should be held liable if the resident sustains injuries while being restrained. Provide a rationale for your response. Review the video titled “Senator Elizabeth Warren – The Future of Long-Term Care Policy: Continuing the Conversation” 9 min 32 s. Next, describe the fiscal impact of the growth and aging of the population on long-term care services, and take a position as to whether or not the federal government should continue to provide subsidies to offset the cost to families utilizing long-term care services. Provide support for your response.

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How would you set up the PICOT question (use all of the elements P-I-C-O-T)?
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