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Transformation of Nursing Care Practicum Change Project

  • If you were planning a new undergraduate nursing program, what is one nursing theory (grand or middle-range) that you would incorporate into the curriculum? Explain your reasoning.

Create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your Practicum Change Project.   Include a minimum of 8 slides (15 maximum) and the following information provided below. The PowerPoint Presentation is worth a maximum of 200 points and is posted in Week 6 Practicum Discussion.

My Practicum Change Project which is based on Transformation of Nursing Care to improve patients satisfactory rates score on my Unit in the hospital I work for. This is a project based on a 5 weeks discussion post. I’m attaching all the posts from the previous 5 weeks including the rubric for the power point and the instructions for the 5 weeks previous discussions.

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Transformation of Nursing Care Practicum Change Project
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Select an Evidence-Based Practice model.

Write a 350- to 700-word essay focusing on the role of nursing in the implementation of the steps of the model in translating evidence into practice. Please include the steps of the model in your discussion.

Use a minimum of two scholarly references with in text citations

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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