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Logistic Efficiency Discussion Paper

Logistic Efficiency Discussion Paper

please respond to the following discussion post as a peer making a comment. There are various tools that a healthcare organization can use to increase their logistic efficiency like root cause analysis, six Sigma, lean management, and managing your key performance indicators. RCA is a strategic problem-solving technique that allows you to examine a problem and implement a process to solve that problem to keep it from reoccurring again. This tool can improve patient safety and improve the quality of care, leading to better logistical efficiency. Six Sigma is a strategy hospital management uses to analyze a specific process and analyze the data from your performance tools to implement better outcomes. Six Sigma processes can help reduce waste, improve profits and gains, employee morale, and quality of products and services. (Al-Qatawneh et al., 2019). Lean management tools help an organization create maximum value by reducing waste. This method can change an organization’s way of thinking and value and ultimately changes the behavior and culture over time. (Lawal et al., 2014). Finally, keep and monitor your key performance indicators to be managed and put different processes in place to improve these indicators like inpatient engagement scores, utilization rates, readmission rates, and overall improve the quality of care given at your organization. Logistic Efficiency Discussion Paper

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Logistic Efficiency Discussion Paper
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Measuring the capacity or throughput of various resources like x-ray equipment and exam rooms can give the organization the value of volumes that can equal the revenue brought in per day. An organization can get an overall view of the average revenue volume that each room or x-ray equipment they can produce per year. By looking at the capacity of a machine and ER volumes, you can also regulate your staff’s productivity per day, which could control staffing costs. Healthcare performance measurements allow leaders to reduce costs and improve the quality and efficiency of care that they deliver. In addition, capacity utilization helps the administration make well-educated decisions on their facility’s capital budget and staffing matrix. Knowing the value of volumes put out by a piece of imaging equipment can give the administration the knowledge to see the return on the investment that they are getting. For example, having low capacity utilization levels can indicate that resources may be over or under-allocated. The resource can be supply cost and staffing. Having an overall view of the capacity utilization for your industry can help leaders make better-educated decisions regarding ordering and long-term utilization strategies.


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Logistic Efficiency Discussion Paper

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