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Northridge Health Disparity Discussion

Northridge Health Disparity Discussion

The scenario is that a donor in the community wants to give you $1,000,000 to address a priority health need or issue in the area.  As a community health Planner, you have been asked to write a 3-5-page, double-spaced, proposal to make a case for your assigned community to get the funds.  You have been specifically assigned a Community Needs Assessment (CHNA), ATTACHED BELOW IN FILES Northridge Health Disparity Discussion

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Northridge Health Disparity Discussion
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The CHNA identifies the priority health needs of a specific geographic area.  You are to develop a proposal for getting the funds from this concerned donor.

The paper needs to include the following information (for easy readability, answer each question in a separate section within the paper):

  1. An overview of the demographics (age, race, gender, etc.) and health needs for your specific assigned community.
  2. Which health disparity or disparities will your proposal focus on and why?  Choose a maximum of 2 health disparities within the community.  Compare the health disparity statistics to either the state or county, in order to show if the prevalence rate is higher or lower compared to your assigned community.
  3. For each health disparity that your paper will focus on (maximum 2), develop a strategy to include the 4 steps listed below.  Be specific on how you plan on addressing each health disparity.
    1. What will be done? Northridge Health Disparity Discussion
    2. Who is going to be the lead and work on it?
    3. When will the implementation of the strategy occur?
    4. How will success be measured (Develop a Metric to measure anticipated targeted improvement compared to the baseline, if available).
  4. Determine what success will look like if you are given $1,000,000 and how long are you anticipating the money will last? 6 months? 1 year? 3 years?
  5. What financial controls will be put in place to ensure the donated money is being used appropriately to minimize fraud?

Northridge Health Disparity Discussion


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