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Supply Chain Management Discussion

Supply Chain Management Discussion

please respond to the following discussion post as a peer making a comment . Supply chain management is essential for the value in health care organizations because it can potentially help to reduce costs, increase supply chain efficiency, and build greater agility and resilience into the health care value chain. The health care value chain is the chain of suppliers, producers, distributors, health care providers, and dispensers that provide clinicians with the drugs and supplies they need to care for patients and patients. For example, the health care supply chain is a combination of health-related organizations, health care professionals, and resources that facilitate the delivery of health care products such as vaccines and other medications. Ultimately, the goal of supply chain management is to increase visibility and efficiency and improve the agility and responsiveness of health care supply chains. It is fundamental to ensure that patients and health care providers get the medications and treatments they need when they need them (Tracelink, 2022). Supply chain management impacts the financial position of an organization by enhancing productivity, decreasing cost, and improving profitability. Some health care organizations have found success with supply chain management through cost transparency. By harnessing price and utilization data, health care organizations can track and manage inventory more efficiently and construct more informed purchasing contracts with manufacturers (LaPointe, 2019). Supply Chain Management Discussion

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Supply Chain Management Discussion
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Supply Chain Management Discussion

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