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Valley View Hospital System Discussion

Valley View Hospital System Discussion

Valley View Hospital System

You are now more fully immersed in the current situation, operations and vision of Valley View Hospital System. In meetings with administration and physicians, you have learned that there are more preferences for a Cerner or EPIC product. In addition, you learn that the hospital has not offered a patient portal to the patient population, yet. With the SMART goals in mind (which you already established but can tweak as needed – just share what you have changed), your ultimate task is to provide recommendations for selecting one EHR product and its implementation. Valley View Hospital System Discussion

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Valley View Hospital System Discussion
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  1. Engage in the request for proposal process by drafting at least 10 system requirements that would be needed for the facility to accomplish its goals (the ones you already set in Week 2). Do some research on the two preferred systems and come up with comparison table that shows how each of the systems address the system requirements you have outlined. From a consultant perspective, indicate your educated decision on which system would best address their needs and requirements.
  2. Come up with an implementation plan that includes your role, as well as the facility’s role in the process. Be specific in terms of the parties (inside employees and the vendor supplying the system) that need to participate and their proposed contributions during the implementation.
  3. Draft two alternatives for conversion into the new system. Clearly identify potential pitfalls for each, as well as what could be done to address them.

Notice: This discussion board is graded based on a rubric, click the three dots to review the requirements.

Valley View Hospital System Discussion


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