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Future Of Nursing

Future Of Nursing


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Future Of Nursing
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Title of Your Paper

Begin body of paper here. This should be your introduction, which should include a definition of your topic.



Introduce your topic to the reader and include your reason for choosing this topic and why it interests you.

Topic Discussion

Describe and discuss your main topic. Don’t forget to include in-text citations throughout your paper for information that you get from one of your references (Lastname, 2018). Future Of Nursing

Relationship to Nursing

Describe your topic’s relationship to nursing.

Impact on Specific Population

Describe the impact of your topic on a specific population different from the main focus. This could be cultural, the nurse, the health care profession, the student, and/or education. The impact could be positive or negative (or both).


Summarize your paper. No new information should be added to this section. Future Of Nursing




Lastname, A., Lastname, B., &Lastname, C. (2016). Title of the source without caps except Proper Nouns or: First word after colon. The Journal or Publication Italicized and Capitalized, Vol#(Issue#), Page numbers.

Lastname, W. (2018). If there is no DOI use the permalink from EBSCO or the website URL. Journal Title, 10(7), 166-212.

Author, A. A. (Year of publication). Title of work: Capital letter also for subtitle. Publisher name.

Grading Rubric for APA Paper

This paper is worth 100 points total.  This must be submitted prior to the start of class on the assigned due date.

There will be 5 points deducted for every day the assignment is late up to one week.  After that, the student will earn a score of “0”. (See syllabus for late work).

Introduce the topic & your reason for choosing

this topic.

10 points  
Main topic:  45 points total    
Describe and discuss the topic 15 points  
Relationship to nursing 15 points  
The impact of the topic on a specific population

(could be cultural, the nurse, the health care

profession, the student, education) different from

the main focus.  This could be positive or negative

or both.

15 points  
Summarize your paper.  Do not include any new

information that has not been previously addressed

in your paper.

10 points  
Minimum of 2 peer reviewed journal articles into your

paper to provide insight to your topic

15 points  
APA format: 10 points total    
Title page and a reference page 2 points  
Page numbers 1 point  
Citations within the body of the paper. Must be correct

and reflected in your Reference page.

1 point  
References in the reference page must be correctly cited

and found cited within the body of the paper.

1 point  
Reference page needs to be in alphabetical order. 1 point  
You may have no more than ONE direct quote. 1 point  
APA 7th edition approved font and type set. 1 point  
One-inch margins 1 point  
Double spaced. 1 point  
Grammar, spelling, & punctuation 6 points  
Length of paper is 3-4 pages, not including title page &

reference page.

4 points  


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