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Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help

Protected Health Information (PHI): Privacy, Security, and Confidentiality Best Practices Today’s health care professionals are accountable for the use of information systems that are repositories for copious amounts of protected health information. Various government and regulatory agencies such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) promote and support privacy and security through a variety of activities. Health professionals need to be aware of privacy, security, confidentiality mandates, and risks in their practices when documenting, releasing educational resources, and technological advances, such as the use of social media platforms and applications for patient progress tracking. Annual training emphasizing privacy, security and confidentiality best practices are mandated. Violations of this may result in serious implications for the individual, facility, and health consumer. Nursing homework help

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Nursing homework help
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In this assessment you will assume the role of a nurse in an acute care, community, school, nursing home, or other health care setting. You will develop a 2-page interprofessional staff update on HIPAA and the appropriate social media use in health care. You will be required to review the infographics on protecting PHI provided in the suggested resources for this assessment to distill down to five or six principles that make them effective. Your task then will be to apply these principles to designing your interprofessional staff update. Please consult the BSN Program Library Research Guide for help in identifying scholarly and/or authoritative sources.

When developing your update keep in mind that the update needs to hold the interest of the staff, because many times people do not read them, do not read them carefully, or do not read them to the end. Provide highlights of key points and make it easy to read. You will also supply a separate reference page that includes two to three peer-reviewed and one to two non-peer reviewed resources (total of three to five resources) to support the staff update content Nursing homework help

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