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Scheduling and Staffing

Scheduling and Staffing

Scheduling and Staffing

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Scheduling and Staffing
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Collaborate in healthcare delivery systems settings for improved patient outcomes.


You are making a staffing assignment knowing that you are short-staffed. You have five registered nurses (RNs), two licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and two nursing assistants. Those nine employees need to provide a 12-hour shift of services to 30 clients with a high acuity required to a ratio of nurse to client at 1:3. Scheduling and Staffing


Client acuity level

  • Six acuity level 1
  • Eight acuity level 2
  • Nine acuity level 3
  • Seven acuity level 4

You will use the acuity-based staffing model to develop the staffing assignment based on the needs of the clients. You will use the created template.



As you create this assignment, include the following in an email to your manager to justify your short-staffing plan:

  • Complete the staffing assignment based on the acuity level.
  • Defend how you would direct the staff to their assigned roles for this shift and provide a rationale for the staffing assignment.
  • Describe how you would communicate with each level of care provider to assure the best outcomes possible.
  • Address how you would ensure client equity in the delivery of services.
  • Provide stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar. Scheduling and Staffing

Leadership and Professional Identity Staffing Assignment Template

Staffing Available

  • 5 RN 2 LPN 2 NA
  • 30 patients

Acuity Level 1 – 6 Patients

  1. Room 2301 Susan is a 93-year-old who fell at home and is waiting for nursing home placement who uses a walker and requires assistance to the bathroom and ADLs
  2. Room 2312 Fredrick is a 57-year-old who is recovering from a knee replacement who needs educational reinforcement and is going home today.
  3. Room 2319 Joshua is a 63-year-old who was in for cardioversion and is going home today.
  4. Room 2329 Brian is a 49-year-old who has been diagnosed with hypertension and Alzheimer’s Disease who wanders off the unit and needs assistance with ADLs.
  5. Room 2304 James is a 95-year-old who has osteoarthritis and needs help getting out of bed, bathing, and dressing.
  6. Room 2307 Francis is a 39-year-old who will be discharged today. She received discharge teaching yesterday about her ruptured appendix wound and wants to review the care instructions before she leaves.

Acuity Level 2 – 8 Patients

  1. Room 2302 Brooke is a 33-year-old who was admitted with new-onset DM with uncontrolled blood sugars. She has started on new medications, including insulin, and needs additional patient and family education.
  2. Room 2311 Mark is an 83-year-old who is on isolation for MRSA and is on IV antibiotics and ten other medications.
  3. Room 2320 Jeffrey is a 63-year-old who is non-compliant with his medications and came in with hypertension and crackles in his lungs. He has daily labs and has a wound on his left foot.
  4. Room 2330 Leslie is a 46-year-old who had unstable angina and had a cardiac catheterization yesterday late afternoon and stayed over for observation.
  5. Room 2305 Traci is a 72-year-old who has a history of heart disease, a history of myocardial infarction, and mild dementia.
  6. Room 2308 Alecia is a 33-year-old who was experiencing chest pain and is scheduled for a stress test later today.
  7. Room 2303 Theodore is a 22-year-old who has had DM since he was a 10-years-old who requires medication adjustments.
  8. Room 2318 Bruce is a 45-year-old who was placed on isolation for C-Diff and is on several IV mediations.

Acuity Level 3 – 9 Patients

  1. Room 2306 Amelia is an 83-year-old after a stroke and requires total care.
  2. Room 2313 Audrey is a 78-year-old with newly diagnosed COPD.
  3. Room 2317 Abigail is a 90-year-old who is a diabetic with a chronic leg infection.
  4. Room 2328 Roxanne is an 82-year-old with newly diagnosed lung cancer.
  5. Room 2322 Nancy is a 56-year-old with chronic kidney disease and on peritoneal dialysis.
  6. Room 2323 Dennis is a 35-year-old who was admitted with right upper quadrant pain that radiates to the right shoulder.
  7. Room 2314 Roger is a 46-year-old who is wasted and malnourished. She has severe diarrhea.
  8. Room 2309 Terry is a 59-year-old who has bladder cancer with painless hematuria.
  9. Room 2310 Barry is a 54-year-old who has a history of mitral valve regurgitation.

Acuity Level 4 – 7 Patients

  1. Room 2315 Karen is a 45-year-old who had an acute myocardial infarction with percutaneous coronary intervention.
  2. Room 2321 Fredrick is a 43-year-old who was admitted after an overdose and required close monitoring.
  3. Room 2327, Samantha is a 57-year-old with severe abdominal pain with no bowel sounds.
  4. Room 2324 Robbie is a 62-year-old who has been vomiting and pain in the abdomen.
  5. Room 2325 Jenny is a 58-year-old MVA who has a tracheostomy.
  6. Room 2326 Annette is a 68-year-old who had a bowel resection and colostomy.
  7. Room 2316, David is a 54-year-old with weakness and a decreased level of consciousness.


RN 1 RN 2 RN 3 RN 4 RN 5
Room # Acuity Room # Acuity Room # Acuity Room # Acuity Room # Acuity
LPN 1 LPN 2 CNA 1 CNA 2 Staff

·  5 RN

·  2 LPN

·  2 CNA

30 patients

·  6 acuity level 1

·  8 acuity level 2

·  9 acuity level 3

·  7 acuity level 4

Room # Acuity Room # Acuity Room # Acuity Room # Acuity





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