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Respond to Lilbania Hernandez Dq2

Respond to Lilbania Hernandez Dq2

Providing parents with information about immunizations, feeding, sleep, hygiene, safety, and other common concerns is an important nursing responsibility. Appropriate anticipatory guidance can assist with achieving some of the goals and objectives determined by the U.S. government to be important in improving the overall health of infants. Nurses are in a good position to offer antic-ipatory guidance on the basis of the infant’s growth and achievement of developmental milestones.

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Respond to Lilbania Hernandez Dq2
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The main point in teaching being that research shows breastfeeding for at least the first 6 months has huge health benefits for the baby to include antibodies, decreased risk for infections, as well as promotes a special bond and relaxation method for both baby and mom (Jarvis, C). In


addition breast fed infants typically follow a growth pattern that is appropriate for their development. Ultimately breastfed infants have a greater chance for increased health status over their lives when breastfed, but the specific barriers to breastfeeding need to be addressed if the benefits are not outweighing the costs to the mother.

-With 8 to 9 moths the child Continues to gain weight, length. Patterns of bladder and bowel elimination begin to become more regular. GrossSits steadily unsupported. Can crawl and pull up. Fine Pincer grasp develops. Reaches for toys. Rakes for objects and releases objects. Stranger anxiety is at its height. Separation anxiety is increasing. Follows parent around the house.Beginning development of depth perception. Object permanence continues to develop. Uses hands to learn concepts of in and out.Stringing together of vowels and consonants begins. First few words begin to have meaning (Mama, Dada, bye-bye, baby).Begins to understand and obey simple commands, such as, “Wave bye-bye.”Responds to “No!”Shouts for attention.


Jarvis, C. (2012). Physical examination & health assessment (6th ed.)


****** please respond to discussion above with a paragraph add citation and references 🙂 ****

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