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Response to Michellie Tellier DQ2 Post

Response to Michellie Tellier DQ2 Post

I would discuss with the parents that research has shown if a child does not meet certain developmental markers by certain ages, it could be a sign of developmental delay. I would reinforce the importance of well-child visits and review the growth charts with them. Their baby has lower percentiles, so I would assess for abuse, but also find out how they are feeding their child, when they are feeding, and how often. I would ask questions pertaining to elimination, if the child has trouble keeping food down, and if constipation/diarrhea has been a problem.

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Response to Michellie Tellier DQ2 Post
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A baby of 9 months should be able to do the fine motor skills


of feeding themselves some finger foods, transfer objects from hand to hand, crawl, and sit without assistance (Green, 2018). Gross motor skills that should be developed at this point would be that the child can sit without support, crawl, and make stepping movements (Green, 2019). I would instruct the parents on anticipatory growth that will happen over the next 3 months until her next well child exam. They should see their baby begin to drink from a cup with help, more pincer grasp movements, scribbling with markers, and standing without assistance, and most likely the baby will begin to walk by the age of 12 months (Green, 2018).


Green, S., (2018). Health assessment of the infant. In Health Assessment: Foundations for Effective Practice. Retrieved from…


****** please respond to the discussion above with a paragraph add citation and references :)*******

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