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Response to Shonna Andrews DQ2 Post

Response to Shonna Andrews DQ2 Post

As babies age, the nurse should assess for motor milestones, sensory milestones, communication milestones, and feeding milestones. A 9-month old baby should be doing things such as sitting without assistance, reaches for objects without falling over, grasps objects using the finger and thumb, enjoys different movements, puts things into their mouth using their hands, focuses near and far, recognizes the sound of their name, imitates sounds, holds the bottle themselves, and begins to eat thicker foods (, 2019). The average weight, length, and head circumference for a 9-month old baby girl is 18.7 lbs, 28.8 inches for length, and 17.5 inches for head circumference (Baby Center, 2016).

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Response to Shonna Andrews DQ2 Post
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When a baby’s weight increases much slower than the length and head circumference, it can signal a lack of caloric intake. Failure to Thrive (FTT) is when there is an insufficient weight gain or inappropriate weight loss. A clinical assessment for Failure to Thrive is recommended when babies measure less than 10% weight on the growth chart. The cause of FTT can be caused from inadequate


caloric intake, mal-absorption, or increased metabolic demands (RAGHU & VENKATESHWAR, 2017). To treat failure to thrive, parents may need to be educated on making mealtimes positive, appropriate foods for a 9 month old- meals, plus snacks, increasing the feeding amounts, and signs of acid reflux and/or food intolerance. These are evidence-based practices that have increased weight on babies that have Failure to Thrive.

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******* please respond to the discussion above with a paragraph add citation and references 🙂 *****

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