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Response to Stephen Quinones DQ2 Post

Response to Stephen Quinones DQ2 Post

At nine months old the infant should be able to move from their stomachs into a seated position. They should be able to stand unassisted for a short time. The baby should be able to roll over from both belly and back. The baby should be able to crawl and should also be able to recognize something they want and go towards that. This is the time when an infant should also be beginning to walk if not walking by now. (Brusie, VeryWell Family, 2018)

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Response to Stephen Quinones DQ2 Post
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Recommendations to this mother would be to offer feeding to the baby on demand. This strategy of feeding has been proven to provide the infant with adequate nutrition and to give them more opportunity to gain the weight that is vital to maintain their health. I would also recommend ensuring formula is mixed according to the instructions watering down the formula too much has been shown to


put babies into DKA. I would also have the mother show me the feeding that is done at home and provide feedback whenever possible to ensure that the optimal feeding style is being used. All these techniques have been shown to increase the amount of food the baby eats and help ensure the nutrition is adequate to sustain the rapid growth of the baby. (HOMAN, 2016)

Brusie, C. (2018, August 28). VeryWell Family. Retrieved from Your 9-Month Old Baby’s Development:…

HOMAN, G. J. (2016). Failure to Thrive: A Practical Guide. American Family Physician, 295-299.


******* please respond to discussion above with a pragraph add citation and references :)*******

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