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​ Case and Discussion

​ Case and Discussion

APA FORMAT 300 WORDS 3 scholarly sources LESS THAN 5 YEARS OLD with a refrence and citation

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​ Case and Discussion
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Case and Discussion

A 60-year-old man comes to your office because of a persistent cough that has been bothering him for the past 3 months. His cough is dry and is more frequent during the evenings. He also notes frequent nasal congestion, especially when he is exposed to dust and cold weather. He reports no hemoptysis, weight loss, wheezing, fever, or changes in his appetite. What additional questions would you ask to learn more about his cough?

How would you classify his cough based on the


duration to help with the diagnosis?
What diagnostic tests do you want to include to help you with your diagnosis?
Create a differential diagnosis flow sheet for this patient for this patient and include the diagnostics as well as the pharmacological management and rationale related to the differentials. Support your discussion with evidence-based research.

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