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Movie Character Health Assessment Presentation

Movie Character Health Assessment Presentation

Movie Character Presentation (Place Name of Movie Here) Overview of Presentation • Provide for your audience an overview of what you will discuss in your presentation. • Remember that PowerPoint presentations are more for bulleted points on the slides. Additional detail to support your bullet points to meet the requirements of the grading rubric goes in the speaker notes. • Referenced material must be cited on both slides and in speaker notes when applicable. Background of Movie and Character • Provide an overview of the movie and the primary character. Functional Assessments • Health Perception/Health Management • Nutrition/Metabolic • Pattern of Elimination Assessment Continued • Pattern of Activity/Exercise • Conceptual/Perceptual Pattern • Pattern of Sleep and Rest Assessment Continued • Pattern of Self Perception

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Movie Character Health Assessment Presentation
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and Self Concept • Role/Relationship Patterns • Sexuality/Reproductive Patterns Assessment Complete • Pattern of Coping and Stress Tolerance • Pattern of Values and Beliefs Analysis of Health Assessment • Normal assessment findings • Abnormal or risk-based findings Additional Observations • Cultural • Geographical • Religious • Ethnic • Spiritual Nursing Considerations • Nursing Diagnosis • Interventions – One – Two – Three • Resources – One – Two Conclusion • Summarize your presentation here for your audience and bring “closure” to your presentation. References • Per GCU policy you must have three references to support your material. • You will not be penalized if you have more than on reference slide.
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