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​Respond to the Following Power Point

​Respond to the Following Power Point

Natalie Hassoldt Grand Canyon University: NRS-434VN Health Assessment of the Young and Middle-Aged Adult July 15th, 2018 ▪ Background and Character Profile ▪ Functional Health Assessments ▪ Assessment of various health categories ▪ Analysis of Health ▪ Normal and abnormal assessment findings ▪ Other Factors ▪ Nursing Considerations ▪ Diagnoses ▪ Interventions ▪ Resources ▪ Conclusion Philadelphia. (1993). ▪ Philadelphia is a drama film directed by Jonathan Demme. ▪ Released in 1993, Philadelphia stars Tom Hanks as the film’s main character, Andrew Beckett. ▪ Denzel Washington appears in a supporting role as Beckett’s attorney, Joe Miller. ▪ Beckett is a brilliant civil attorney employed by a high-powered law firm. ▪ Beckett is HIV positive and hides his condition from his employers. ▪ As Beckett begins to rise through the ranks of the firm, his condition is discovered and Beckett is fired. ▪ He initiates a lawsuit on the basis of discrimination. ▪ As the lawsuit progresses, Beckett’s disease also progresses. ▪ Beckett ultimately passes away after the conclusion of the legal battle. Health Perception/Health Management ▪ Beckett attends regular doctor visits ▪ He is aware of his T-cell and platelet counts. ▪ He is clearly an over-worker ▪ He engages periodic cigar smoking. Nutrition/Metabolic ▪ Beckett eats primarily fast food such as Chinese takeout. ▪ He has intermittent fevers and demonstrates extreme weight loss. ▪ Beckett is plagued by the continuous appearance of skin lesions. Pattern of Elimination ▪ Beckett visits the emergency room due to uncontrollable diarrhea. ▪ Gastrointestinal upset and issues. Pattern of Activity/Exercise ▪ Beckett has discontinued activity and no longer participates in any form of exercise, except for casual walking. Conceptual/Perceptual Pattern ▪ Beckett is an educated and very successful lawyer. ▪ He demonstrates healthy patterns of cognition and perception. Pattern of Sleep and Rest ▪ Beckett is a hard worker, and he lets his work interfere with this pattern of sleep/rest. ▪ Beckett often works extremely late hours when his bosses are not in the office. ▪ At one point, he mentions that he worked as late as 3 AM completing a task. Pattern of Self Perception and Self Concept ▪ Beckett demonstrates a healthy pattern of self perception and self concept. ▪ Beckett confronts other characters due to discriminatory treatment

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​Respond to the Following Power Point
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. ▪ The main plot of the film involves Beckett’s legal fight for what he believes is right. Role/Relationship Patterns ▪ Beckett has complex and healthy relationships with members of his family. ▪ Beckett is in a committed relationship with his partner (played by Antonio Banderas). Sexuality/Reproductive Patterns ▪ Beckett engaged in unprotected sex at least once, an incident which resulted in contraction of the HIV virus. Pattern of Coping and Stress Tolerance ▪ Utilizes a support network of close family, friends, and his life partner. ▪ Beckett repeats the mantra “every problem has a solution”. ▪ Beckett stays calm and positive; he avoids negative self-talk in stressful situations. Pattern of Values and Beliefs ▪ Diligence and hard-work are driving forces. ▪ Family is important to Beckett. ▪ Honesty and parental acceptance are key values. ▪ Every person has a right to be treated fairly and with dignity. ▪ Justice is a beautiful thing and can be achieved through proper application of the law Normal assessment findings ▪ Pattern of coping and stress tolerance ▪ Pattern of values and beliefs ▪ Pattern of self perception and self-concept ▪ Role and relationship patterns ▪ Conceptual/perceptual pattern Abnormal or risk-based findings ▪ Pattern of activity and exercise ▪ Pattern of sleep and rest ▪ Pattern of elimination ▪ Health management ▪ Nutrition/metabolic Cultural ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ The film was released in 1993, a time when homosexuals were not accepted in society. There was a climate of fear surrounding HIV infection and AIDS. Homosexuals and HIV patients were severely stigmatized and ostracized from society. As the film indicates, many of those infected with HIV suffered a social death, which preceded the physical death. Geographical ▪ The events depicted in the film took place in Philadelphia. ▪ Beckett is well-educated and a member of the wealthy upper-class. ▪ Public transportation crowded city (increased exposure to pathogens) Religious ▪ Beckett’s family home is filled with Judeo-Christian symbolism. ▪ Beckett’s personal religious beliefs, if any, are not discussed in the film; however, his lifestyle does not reflect compliance with traditional Judeo-Christian texts. Ethnic ▪ Beckett is Caucasian. No specific ethnic practices are observed in film. Spiritual ▪ Beckett asks his friend if he prays. He demonstrated profound emotional connection to an opera piece; however, no other spiritual practices are noted. Nursing Diagnosis ▪ Risk of infection due to HIV (immunocompromised) ▪ Inadequate nutrition related to severe diarrhea and weight loss ▪ Knowledge deficit causing improper health management; non- compliance with medical recommendations. Interventions ▪ Get 6-8 hours of sleep, avoid stress, and comply with all recommendations; do not skip treatments. ▪ Take prescribed antiemetics and antidiarrheal medications. ▪ Increase nutrition education: ▪ Prepare a healthy diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and lean meats. ▪ Engage in regular exercise ▪ Avoid alcohol/tobacco. AIDS Healthcare Foundation ▪ ▪ Education ▪ Counseling ▪ Treatment ▪ Service locator AIDS Fund Philly ▪ ▪ Raising awareness ▪ Events ▪ Community connections ▪ Realistic portrayal of HIV patient ▪ HIV stigma ▪ Homosexual stigma ▪ Importance of family support ▪ Importance of compassion Denzel Washington (2013). Thank You! ▪ Denzel Washington: I don’t want movie star friends (2013). The Guardian. Retrieved from ▪ Fitness. (2016). The Mayo Clinic. Retrieved from ▪ Herpes. (2015). Aids Info. Retrieved from ▪ Jones, A. (2016). Factsheet sleep. Retrieved from ▪ Philadelphia (1993). Retrieved from http://www.filmposter- ▪ Stress management (2017). The Mayo Clinic. Retrieved from ▪ Symptoms and stages of HIV infection. (2017). AVERT. Retrieved from
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