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rewrite this nursing paper

rewrite this paper

hi, i need help with my paper. I just want to read this one  page of my paper and corecct it or rewrite it with your own words.

this paper is my report of my clinical day. This paper is one page and double space, i need it in 4 hours

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rewrite this nursing paper
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My last Clinical Day

On Wednesday May 3rd I finished my last psych clinical. It is hard to see I am

almost done with this clinical, since It was very interesting and different from

what I thought before. I feel a big difference from the first day I started to the last

day of it. I now have a better understanding on how to take care of psych

patients. My last assigned floor I attended on Wednesday, was Basic Adults. I

started by introducing myself to all staffs and then per nurse request I took the

vital sign for about 10 patients, only one patient refused to let me do it.

During breakfast that specific patient was extremely agitated and started to

scream and curse the staff by saying “I want to get the **** out of here”. This

time I wasn’t surprised that one patient acted this way. I observed the nurse to

learn how she handled the situation. After half an hour the nurse controlled the

situation and was able to calm the patient down, even patient allowed me to take

his vital sign. I asked the nurse for advice on how to deal with this kind of

patients.  This is just one experience I got from this clinical which allowed me to

grow more in my nursing professional. Also, for the second time I got the

 opportunity to observe the doctor how performs ECT. That was a great

experience to see what I read in the books and watched in the movies able to see

 in real patient. Unfortunately, my clinical psych finished. It was a great

 opportunity for me to learn from all of this. I was so happy I had a good instructor

 who put no pressure on us and gave good advices on how to perform our job as a student

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