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2. Create a health-related educational medium


Assignment 4: Educational Medium

1.      Select a high priority health problem (concern) that exists in the assigned practicum site that requires nursing action to promote or enhance health and reduce health risks.

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2. Create a health-related educational medium
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Name of Site: LifeNet4Families.

Health Problem: access to healthcare and the role of a public health nurse.

2.      Create a health-related educational medium


3.      The educational medium should contain:

a.       A theme that addresses a high priority health problem/concern-SEE HEALTH PROBLEM ABOVE

b.      Persuasive communication based on the identified practicum site literacy

Middle to High school literacy level.

c.       The message appeal should utilize educational strategies such as fear, humor, guilt, etc.

d.      The message is appropriate and relevant to the assigned aggregate in the community

                                                              i.      Language appropriate


                                                            ii.      Culturally appropriate

African American, then Hispanic and Caucasians.

                                                          iii.      Age appropriate


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