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Respond to oneof the scenarios below.

nitial Post Due: Day 4Reply Post Due: Day 6Value: 10 pointsRespond to one of the scenarios below.OR (next question option)Twelve-hour shifts are problematic for patient and nurse safety, yet hospitals

nitial Post Due: Day 4

Reply Post Due: Day 6

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Respond to oneof the scenarios below.
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Value: 10 points

Respond to oneof the scenarios below.

OR (next question option)

  1. Twelve-hour shifts are problematic for patient and nurse safety, yet hospitals continue to keep the 12-hour shift schedule. In 2004, the IOM (Board on Health Care Services & Institute of Medicine, 2004) published a report which referred to studies as early as 1988 that discussed the negative effects of rotating shifts on intervention accuracy. Workers with 12-hour shifts realized more fatigue than workers on 8-hour shifts. In another study, done in Turkey by Ilhan, Durukan, Aras, Turkcuoglu, & Aygun (2006), factors relating to increased risk for injury were: age of 24 or less, less than four years of nursing experience, working in the surgical intensive care units, and working for more than eight hours. As a clinician reading these studies, what would your next step be?
  2. The use of heparin versus saline to maintain patency of peripheral IV catheters has been addressed in research for many years. The American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHSP) published a position paper in 2006 supporting the use of 0.9% saline in maintenance of peripheral IVs in non-pregnant adults. Their paper made reference to articles dating from 1991 supporting the use of saline over heparin! What do you feel are some of the barriers which would have caused this delay in implementation?

Be sure to make reference to the week’s readings in your response. Please allow neither your initial post nor any of your replies to exceed one paragraph in length.

After you have made your own post, you will be able to see those of your classmates. Reply to at least one classmate’s post.

This activity will be graded according to the grading rubric for discussions in the course syllabus.

Reading from McGonigle & Mastrian (2018). Nursing Informatics and the foundation of knoweldge, fourth edition

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