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PATIENT CASE STUDY:You will research and identify any actual/potential medication issues and create a plan to solve these issues using the ASE-C-POP framework. It is suggested you read the following article, as it will assist you in understanding the aspects of this framework: FRAMEWORK CHART:Your submission MUST use the ASE-C-POP chart template provided to you in the group assignment folder blackboard:Chart Specifications:·       Your submission must fit into the two-page framework using the following specifications:·       Margins must be kept at the set size within template provided·       Times New Roman Font·       No smaller than 11-point font size·       You MAY resize the individual sections, e.g. if you require more space for your therapeutic plan, that cell can be made larger – as long as the ENTIRE chart fits on two A4 pages (this does NOT include your references)·       QUT NUMBERED REFERENCING MUST BE USED – please access instructions of how to use this referencing style via the library.LINK: NOTE: FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH ANY OF THESE GUIDELINES WILL RESULT IN ZERO MARKS FOR THIS ASSESSMENTASSIGNMENT RUBRICPlease refer to the assignment rubric on the following page for a more detailed breakdown of how marks will be awarded for this assignment.It is important for you to note that you do not start with 100% and lose marks; you start with zero and EARN marks based on your submission.

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