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CQUniversity Covid 19 Pandemic Reflection Paper

CQUniversity Covid 19 Pandemic Reflection Paper

Alternate Assessment 2

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CQUniversity Covid 19 Pandemic Reflection Paper
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This alternate assessment may be chosen instead of the reflective journal. Whether or not you are doing placement this term, you may choose the alternate assessment. Students whose placement has been cancelled or who have not been able to arrange a placement because of the coronavirus situation should choose the alternate assessment. CQUniversity Covid 19 Pandemic Reflection Paper

The second assessment task for this unit is a reflective essay. This is an individual assignment of approximately 2000 words and is based on your experience and observations this term during a real public health emergency. Your essay must consist of your reflection on the evolving situation that has taken place during the course of term 1, 2020. The focus of the essay is to show your deepening understanding of issues that may arise during a public health event, especially as they relate to cross-cultural communities like the one we live in, and yourself as a developing practitioner. Your essay should address the following points: 1) a very brief summary of the current pandemic and its effects in Melbourne; 2)the actual effects on our cross-cultural community; 3) the potential effects of this kind of situation on a cross-cultural community; and 4) what you, as a developing public health practitioner has learned from experiencing a real life public health emergency. You do not necessarily need academic references for this assignment but you will have to refer to outside sources for item 2 above. It is recommended that you use the news media for this, but please make sure that your sources relate specifically to Melbourne. For Item 3, you may refer to other locations in Australia and the world as a comparison (in this case, you will need references to media courses), but this section should reflect your considered opinion. In choosing sources for this assignment, make sure you refer only to reputable media (ie newspapers, television broadcasters, radio broadcasters, etc.; it is not acceptable to use social media sources, unless they come from reputable organizations. In other words, the personal opinion of individual members of society should not be used to address item 2 or support item 3. CQUniversity Covid 19 Pandemic Reflection Paper


This is a reflective assignment, so a more informal writing style is acceptable. However, the reflection must not be wholly descriptive. It must contain an assessment of the way in which your views or thinking has changed and what you have learned about yourself as a practitioner and the community in which you are working.

While this assessment is not due until week 12 of the term, it will be beneficial to make some notes for yourself as the situation develops that you can refer to when you write your reflective essay..

You must achieve a mark of 50% on this assignment to pass the unit.

This assessment task is due by 5:00pm on Friday of week 12. Students experiences and impressions will be discussed in class in week 12. CQUniversity Covid 19 Pandemic Reflection Paper


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