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Cuyamaca College Health Education Discussion

Cuyamaca College Health Education Discussion


What are the benefits of green apples?

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Cuyamaca College Health Education Discussion
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The instructor will assign to each student, 1 Functional Food or Superfood to evaluate.

Use the Cuyamaca College Library Databases to find 3 library sources (magazine or news articles) on the functional food or superfood.

Read your 3 library sources and identify 3 health benefits the food provides.

  1. Create a list of works cited using MLA and include the following information: Authors names, the title of the article, journal name, volume number, page numbers, date of the article, and the URL link to your sources.  Cuyamaca College Health Education Discussion
  2.           At the end of this session, you will:

Know how to find articles (magazine or news) about your superfood.


Read articles and find facts about your superfood.

Email the MLA citation to yourself.

  1. Find 2 additional article on your own at home or in a computer lab on campus.

Write an essay about your food. Write 1 paragraph for each of the 3 benefits you identified about your food. Include an introductory paragraph and a conclusion paragraph. (20 points)

  1. Create a list of your 3 sources, Works Cited. All 3 sources listed must be cited in your essay. (10 points)

For your written assignment, you may use a combination of articles. For example, you may find two magazine articles and one news article. Or you may find one magazine article and two news articles. Cuyamaca College Health Education Discussion
YOUR TASK: Your research essay will describe the benefits of superfoods or functional foods.

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