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Healthcare Financing

How do you guard against unintended consequences, Carlos?  Suppose, for example, that the mandate is only to use “one pump” of hand sanitizer when one enters a room, but somewhere out there (unknown to your organization) is a study that says that amount is insufficient to do the job.  Now, when someone acquires an infection and a lawyer (who has tracked down – or maybe even sponsored – this study) and in trial points out that the extra pump of hand sanitizer (or gauze or syringes or whatever) costs $.002 per dose and the total savings to the organization is $XX annually and Mr. Jones DIED because the organization wanted to save the cost of a weekend at the beach is that going to seem like the best option?  (I’m not picking on your suggestion, as we all know there is an enormous amount of waste in healthcare.  It’s just that “it’s complicated.”)I NEED ANSWER THIS COMMENT TO MY PROFESSOR

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Healthcare Financing
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