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hp – p2

Venice Family ClinicSubmit the second milestone of your final project.For additional details, please refer to the Milestone 2 Guidelines and Rubric attached below.You must review Milestone one attached below as referenceAlso a capital budget item was done for venice family clininc( attached below however the professor stated this is a good project but keep in mind it will be a large undertaking. An EHR requires an incredible investment – not just in the system but building out the entire VFC footprint (multiple sites). This will likely include additional tech staff, internet upgrades, equipment purchases, etc. You are welcome to pursue this but make sure your analysis is comprehensive. If you like, you may change your project to a smaller one so your scope isn’t so large.So it can be changed to a smaller scope of something else so that milestone 2 project can be done effectively.

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hp – p2
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