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Immunization new

Watch the video on The Journey of Your Child’s Vaccine. Follow the link below you have watched the video write one page on:What is the difference Active immunization, Passive immunization?Summary of the process of how a vaccine is created until the point of implementation, as understood from the information provided in the videoExplain what type of teaching you would provide to a family worried about immunizing their child. What type of evidence-based practice information would provide to them?4. Complete the immunization chart below:Immunization.          Side Effects.          Contraindications.          Typical AgesDTaP.HibRVIPVMMRVaricella VaccinePCVHep-A, Hep-BInfluenza VaccineMeningococcal Conjugate Vaccine (MCV4)HPV2 & HPV4

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Immunization new
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