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Medical terminology assignment

Please read instructions carefullyABBREVIATION EXERCISE # 21) To best understand medical terminology, spell out any medical terminology that is abbreviated.2) Explain what is wrong with the patients that have the following diagnosis on admission.3) You MUSTSpellouteach abbreviation prior to explaining as if you were telling someone with no medical knowledge. (2T meanssecondary towhile r/o meansrule out).4) Save your assignment in Word format or PDF format and submit in the assignment area in blackboard.5) Provide a reference from where the information was retrieved for each answer given. If you prefer to do a reference list, then a citation with each answer must be provided1. Bilateral subdural hematoma2. Quadriparesis 2T liver failure3. L BKA, multiple Fx’s 2T motorcycle accident4. ESRD 2t IDDM5. Hemoptysis, bigemeny6. ETOH intox, hematemesis7. TTP8. cellulitis 2t cat bite9. Enterovaginal fistula10. Dyspnea, pleural effusion

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Medical terminology assignment
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