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NR502 Module 6 Discussion paper

NR502 Module 6 Discussion paper

After reading the WHO (2008) Copenhagen Conference document
“Health systems, Health and Wealth: Assessing the Case for Investing in Health
Systems”, consider the following dilemma. Health policy-makers have been under
enormous pressure in recent years over concerns about financial sustainability
and cost-containment. The resources available to any society are finite, but
emerging evidence is recasting health systems not as a drain on those resources
but as an opportunity to invest in the health of the population and in economic
growth. Health systems, health and wealth are inextricably linked in a set of
mutually reinforcing and dynamic relationships.NR502 Module 6 Discussion paper.  This new paradigm offers an
opportunity for a fundamental reassessment of the role of health systems in
society. Please expound upon these three questions:

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NR502 Module 6 Discussion paper
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How can we improve health, wealth and societal well-being by
investing in health systems?

How can we ensure that health systems are sustained in the

How can we monitor, manage and improve performance so that
health systems are as effective and efficient as possible?


It is unfortunate that it requires a new threat or epidemic
to halt the demise of organized public health and restore an effective public
health structure. Why does public health have so much difficulty maintaining
governmental support of its central role in maintaining the health and
well-being of the American people? NR502 Module 6 Discussion paper

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