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NR601 week 6 discussion part 1

NR601 week 6 discussion part 1

Discussion Part One (graded)

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NR601 week 6 discussion part 1
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Ms. S. is a 62-year-old black female who has returned to the clinic to discuss her concerns that her lifestyle modifications to lose weight have not worked. At the last visit 3 months ago, she was advised to change her eating habits and increase activity to promote weight loss. She reports walking at least 30 minutes a day but has lost very little weight. She indicates that the walking only made her extremely thirsty and hungry and attributes her increased thirst and hunger to increased exercise and her increased urination due to drinking more water since “it’s been hot lately” and exercise makes me thirsty”. She has returned to the clinic to discuss if there is anything else that can be done to lose weight and to determine why she is so tired, thirsty and hungry all the time. She also thinks she may have an overactive bladder since she has to urinate frequently during the day, which has influenced her not to go on outings with her friends. NR601 week 6 discussion part 1


Discussion Questions Part One


Conduct a ROS on this patient.

Indicate which symptoms are most concerning to you.

List your differential diagnoses.

What types of screenings would be appropriate to use based on the chief complaint?

What primary diagnosis are you choosing at this point?NR601 week 6 discussion part 1

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