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NUR506 Module 2 Discussion Immunizations

NUR506 Module 2 Discussion Immunizations


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NUR506 Module 2 Discussion Immunizations
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Initial Post

For your initial post, you should select a vaccine and create a short paragraph that explores the following:

The history of the vaccine.

The disease that the vaccine was created to prevent.

Who is contraindicated in the vaccine and who needs to have it?


How the community feels about the vaccine. Address whether there was vaccine hesitancy or not.

In this discussion along with providing information on your selected vaccine, we will also have a debate. As nurses, you will encounter patients who are against receiving vaccines and those who are in favor of them. Please write another short paragraph advocating for the vaccine.

Please cite any sources using the APA 7th edition. (Links to an external site.) NUR506 Module 2 Discussion Immunizations


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