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NURS 6053 Week 7 Assignment

To prepare:Review the Peer Evaluation Form for important information on how this assignment is graded.Identify a group facilitator.Within your group, select a topic relevant to interprofessional leadership and the health care field on which to focus your group paper. The following are some potential topics for your group to consider:“Just” cultureWhen your group has selected a topic, the group facilitator will submit the topic to the Instructor for approval on the Discussion Board in the Week 5 Group Project Topic Forum.Conduct research on your topic using the Walden Library and other credible sources.To complete:By Day 7 of Week 7As a group, write a 3- to 5 (page count does not include title and reference page) page paper that includes the following:Section 1: IntroductionSection 2: Significance of the topic (based on literature that speaks to the relevancy of the concept selected in terms of interprofessional leadership)Section 3: Review of the literature related to the concept that the group selects (current best practices, positive or negative impact on leadership or health care organizations, etc.)Section 4: Application to nursing (e.g., implications or consequences for nursing leaders)Section 5: Conclusion

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NURS 6053 Week 7 Assignment
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