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Nursing Theory / Case Study

Nursing Theory / Case StudyYou as the advanced practice nurse are working in a community health center. Your next patient is Mrs. Richards,  a 39 year-old Caucasian female, presenting to the clinic with a history of Hypothyroidism, Depression, and recent history of Substance Abuse (Heroine Use). During the initial interview, it is revealed that her husband and two children were killed in a traffic accident 8 months ago and she reports using illicit drugs since their death.Based on your knowledge of the Health Promotion Model, make a chart and/or diagram that outlinesallcomponents of the theory and how the theory can be applied to this case study to formulate a plan of care for this patient. Also, listone scholarly, practice-based resource (article and/or clinical guideline)that supports the application of the Health Promotion Model in clinical practice.

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Nursing Theory / Case Study
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