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Quality of Health Care Services Presentation

Quality of Health Care Services Presentation

Literature Review Part 2: PowerPoint Presentation

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Quality of Health Care Services Presentation
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Please use your literature review and further research to complete this assignment.

What to include on slides:

  1. Introduction to your problem statement and setting
    1. Explanation
      1. Reintroduce the topic of the literature review. Talk about why it matters.
    2. Analysis of quality management strategies ( 3 Strategies provided below)
      1. Explanation
        1. Give your opinion on which quality management strategy(s) is most relevant or useful for your particular topic
        2. Use a graph or flowchart to demonstrate your ideas and about why the strategy you selected makes the most sense for your topic. Quality of Health Care Services Presentation
      2. Highlight leadership criteria, strategic planning, customer focus, and/or performance results
        1. Explanation:
          1. Look more wholistically at what needs to take next steps to address the issue that you are researching.
        2. Propose quality improvements, providing an informed rationale based on best practices presented in your literature review


  1. Conclusion that moves your audience to understand next steps
    1. Explanation
      1. Not a summary of what you have already presented
      2. Bring audience into understanding of what you see as next steps to addressing your particular topic


  • Presentation should be 5 – 10 slides including references/sources
  • Include a minimum of 10 credible sources to support the research. Must be in APA format.

(Can reuse sources from literature review and add additional sources).

Quality Management Strategies




Source for all 3 strategies:

Spath, P. L., & Kelly, D. L. (2017). Applying quality management in healthcareA systems approach (4th ed.). Health Administration Press.  Quality of Health Care Services Presentation

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