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SLO 4 Integrating Student Learning Outcomes and DNP Essentials

The purpose of this assignment is to recognize how the SLOs and DNP Essentials influence your SPP and nursing practice.
Below is the background of the SPP

Holism is a concept that signifies the importance of visualizing an individual as a whole rather than the sum of its parts and while also illustrating that the mind and the spirit affect the body thus making it the philosophy behind holistic care (Taleghani, F. 2015). This fact is a comprehensive model of caring that is not only believed to be the heart and soul of nursing but a concept that the pioneer of nursing Florence Nightingale became the first to embrace the importance of its practices(L Keegan 1989).Although this fact is a complex concept that doesn’t have a precise definition it is important to understand that this fact is a concept that provides an in-depth understanding of an individual and their various needs for care while also having positive outcomes in the healthcare systems. The need for nurses to use the traditional scientific -based care plan and incorporate holistic practices in the patient care process should be a concept that must be emphasized in today’s world. Research continues to show how western society continues to see increases in mortality rates for many diseases and illnesses. (National Library of Medicine 2002). Consequently, healthcare is constantly changing and evolving due to advances in science and technology that improve the way illness and diseases, at a minimum, are addressed; however, there are still opportunities for improvement. (National Library of Medicine 2002). This leaves the health care system in a state of continual evolution from the advances in science and technology that enhance the way diseases and illnesses at a minimum can be addressed; however, it’s important to keep in mind that there are still opportunities for improvement (National Library of Medicine 2002).
Regardless of the increase in knowledge and the expansion of the healthcare system and the

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SLO 4 Integrating Student Learning Outcomes and DNP Essentials
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expansion of healthcare innovation, it is important to understand that limitations remain (Francesco, A. 2016). Institute of Medicine research shows compelling problems in the U.S. health care system, from low-quality care, safety concerns, to health disparities based on race, ethnicity and income (Nelson, A. R. (2003).A fundamental part of holistic care is the skill to pay attention to the spiritual needs of the patient while also having an active role in meeting their physical, nutritional, emotional, social, intellectual aspects, this is because it has been shown to optimistically correlate with better quality care as well as enhanced patient perception of quality and satisfaction of care (Godwin, Y 2019).
Another way of viewing this concept is visualizing it from a cultural diversity point of view. A simple definition of culture is the way of life of a particular group of individuals (Adekson, M. O. 2017). Understanding cultural competence is also an acknowledgement of growth and development, while also incorporating relevant societal values and needs. The nursing field is quite versatile as it goes from caring for sick patients to providing treatment plans to also simply having a selfless attitude that always puts the other first. Practicing culturally competent nursing in nursing means practicing holistic nursing (Career Development Health 2021). The perception of cultural competence is more than just tolerating the other individual’s culture practices, rather one of its objectives is celebrating and acknowledging them through bridging gaps and delivering nursing care that is personalized. (Career, Development Health 2021). This fact does not only increase the chance of developing a shared understanding between the patient and the nurse but most importantly improves decision making, as well improving the quality of care being delivered to the patient (Katzmarzyk, P. T. 2017). Research also shows how western society has had a steady increase in diversity, ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and religious composition (Victor, M. 2009). Studies have also gone further to illustrate

how certain cultures are more receptive to care if their health care professionals are open to their culture (Victor, M. 2009).
Preventive care is also another reason the incorporation of both practices is beneficial. Studies describe preventative care as ensuring the elimination of an illness by either preventing the chances of an occurrence or halting the illness while mitigating the resulting complication after its onset. Fang, C. (2021) The question becomes “how does one practice preventive care”? As nurses, we already incorporate preventive care into our practice, but the collaboration of traditional science-based care planning and holistic practice in the patient care process will yield more actionable benefits. Although research states that medical prevention of certain diseases is complex, there is also compelling evidence that holistic practices offer simple and efficient solutions (Merrick, J. 2004) with a focus on enhancing the quality of life as an important supplement to improving an individual’s lifestyle. The key area to keep in mind is understanding that one’s quality of life is gratified and improved when one’s personal philosophies of life are adjusted in accordance with life and its fundamental purpose (Merrick, J.2004).

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