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Threaded Discussion: Musculoskeletal

Appendix C• No single word responses (At least 250 – 300 words in your response.• Give questions some thought and answer honestly and sincerely• Give examples if you have them• Cite resourcesScenario:• Your 79, year-old female patient suffered a stroke 6 months ago. She is cared for in her sister’s home. The patient is dependent for position changes. She is unable to communicate the need to be turned. She must be fed at all meals. She has a stage II pressure injury on her sacral area.Questions:• Develop a teaching plan for the family to ensure that the patient’s needs are metThreaded Discussion #9MusculoskeletalDirections: Musculoskeletal• A 72, year-old man lived a fairly sedentary lifestyle as an accountant. Now that he is retired, he recognizes the need to be active to maintain his health as long as possible. He is concerned, however, that it is too late for him to start exercising because he has never engaged in such activities.Part 1:• The original post must be at least 250 – 300 words in length• What encouragement, if any can you give him?• What suggestions can you make for an exercise program?

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Threaded Discussion: Musculoskeletal
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