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Week 4 Project

Your Project Assignment is to prepare a PowerPoint presentation about Organizational Change. You can discuss reasons for change, resistance to change, overcoming and dealing with change, and/or managing change. You can also use examples about how this occurs in specific companies or industries. The choice is yours, however research and cited sources are required.  Be sure to include a Reference slide with at least 3 references listed in APA format.  You need a minimum of 10 slides but no more than 15 slides with researched content included, and 1 title slide and 1 reference slide. The title slide and reference slides are in addition to the content slides. You can use the textbook as one of your references, but you will need to use two other sources from the Keiser Online Library to support your research.  Be sure to include in-text citations on every slide to support your sources.Required length of presentation: 10-15 slides. Be sure to use APA-formatted references.Remember, it is quality that counts so please be thorough yet to the point.Please upload your PowerPoint via the assignment link above (click on Week 4 Project above to submit). This assignment must be submitted by the end of this week (Week 4) Sunday at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.  YOU CAN ONLY SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT ONCE.Project Assignment Grading Criteria:For Organization: 10 points possibleFor Content/Knowledge: 40 points possibleUsing Citations and References: 20 points possibleFollowed Guidelines/APA format: 15 points possibleSpelling/Grammar at the college level: 15 points possibleTotal: 100 points Possible

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Week 4 Project
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