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PLEASE USE APA STYLE REFERENCES AND NO LONGER THEN 5 YEARS AGO. IN ORDER TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BELOW THE COMPLETE CASE STUDI HAS TO BE READ. I ATTACHED THE CASE STUDI TO THIS POST. You are required to answer all the DISCUSSION QUESTIONS listed below in each domain.DOMAIN: HISTORY 1a) Identify two (2) additional questions that were not asked in the case studi and should have been? 1b) Explain your rationale for asking these two additional questions. 1c) Describe what the two (2) additional questions might reveal about the patient’s health.DOMAIN: PHYSICAL EXAMm For each system examin in this case; 2a) Explain the reason the provider examin each system. 2b) Describe how the examm findings would be abnormal based on the information in this case. If it is a wellness visit, based on the patient’s age, describe what examm findings could be abnormal. 2c) Describe the normal findings for each system. 2d) Identify the various diagnostic instruments you would need to use to examin this patient.DOMAIN: ASSESSMENT (Medical Diagnosis) Discuss the pathophysiology of the: 3a) Diagnosis and, 3b) Each Differential Diagnosis 3c) If it is a Wellness, type ‘Not Applicable’DOMAIN: LABORATORY & DIAGNOSTIC TESTS Discuss the following: 4a) What labs should be ordered in the case? 4b) Discuss what lab results would be abnormal. 4c) Discuss what the abnormal lab values indicate. 4d) Discuss what diagnostic procedures you might want to order based on the medical diagnosis. 4e) If this is a wellness visit, discuss what the U.S. Preventive Taskforce┬árecommends for patients in this age group.

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