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Provide a brief biography/overview of nursing theorist Dr. JeanWatson

Provide a brief biography/overview of nursing theorist Dr. JeanWatson (200 words)- Tell us about the 

Provide a brief biography/overview of nursing theorist Dr. JeanWatson (200 words)-

Tell us about the person – relate this to their nursing career Some things to consider are listed below: Where did they study/train? Where have they worked. What positions have she (Jean Watson) heldPost graduate experiencesConferences, publications, presentation development of teaching/training/patient education materialMentoringMembership of professional bodiesVoluntary workInterests/passions/specialityInter-disciplinary relationships

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Provide a brief biography/overview of nursing theorist Dr. JeanWatson
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1. Why did you choose this leader? (250 words)a. What inspired/interested you about this person? b. What lessons do you hope to learn to incorporate into your nursing practices. This can be written in the first person – think of it as a reflection d. If you refer to something you sourced from evidence you would still need to reference it

2.Attributes of effective leadership (250 words)

a. Provide 6-8 attributes and give 2 very good examples.b. Don’t just list the attribute – you need to show that you understand what it means so provide some detail.c.Make sure your examples are specific and not generic/broad e.g. is a good mentor for students is broad – provides mentorship tailored to new graduate nurses by running weekly catch up/debriefing sessions where nurses can discuss their experiences and seek advice

3.Leadership style (250 words)a. What are the specific style they used in their careers – look at the definitions and discuss what you would expect to see in an effective nursing leaderb. Discuss 2 leadership style c. Use 1-2 examples overall of how this leadership style looked/might look in practice d. Provide specific detail – not generic/broad/vague statements e.g. colleagues involved in decision making is broad – adding how this was done would be specific

4.Significant contributions/achievements to nursing profession(250 words)

a. What are the highlights or important things she (Jean Watson) contributed as a nurse leader b. Don’t just write a dot point list – provide enough detail so that we can see exactly what their contribution is c. There would be a continuum of things ranging from simple things done in a ward setting e.g.started monthly in-service program, regular audits of nurse sensitive indicators like pressure areas – to complex and significant achievements e.g. sitting on WHO nurse regulatory board in Geneva, head of a professional body.

5. What have you learned that you will use in your future professional practice (300 words)

a. This is a reflection – so can be written in the first person: eg (as a nurse, I wil……..) – it is your summing up of this nurse leader and the take-home message you took from it. Some things to consider include:-b.What tips for succeeding as a leader did you find?c.What attributes of a leader are important and can be integrated in to your nursing practice?d.What leadership style will you aim to use when your first act as a Team Leader e. What mentorship skills will you aim to adopt f. What career planning tips did you find?

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